Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008

Garden Impostor

быть неблагодарным -- страшных, с этого момента, я должен сосредоточиться на том, что я имею а не то, что другие.

Мне необходимо перейти на вашем саду чаще.


Selasa, 26 Agustus 2008

Wake Up and Smell the Roselle

'why are my roselle bushes dwarves?' typed Debbie

how do i know, you gave me the seeds.

'my auntie did!'

actually, mine is dwarf too. it doesn't exceed a foot!


i did exactly what you said: sow it on the rice husks

'perhaps we should transfer them to the ground.'

or mix the husks with earth?

'hahahahaha, that's what my mom told me to'


perhaps the variant is dwarf one but i'm glad i planted it. Seed is of no use unless it falls into the ground and dies. it will ressurect.

Mother of two

Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008

The Autumn Song

that's eight years ago that i had this in mind and certainly
was so sure to collect sum. I was so sure and when one is
'oppressed' he/she can only do one thing.
and i wasn't too proud to beg hahaha

even oom Dan showed concerns and added a 110 dm bonus.
Adis recalled it vividly as she rang me just two days before
i left for the place where the previous currency i see no more.

even when Paragita didn't make it to Linz, we din lose hope for we
managed to stage a concert,
one that i could have been more in to it.
the concert was called Seasons and Flowers.

So it started kicking with the joyful Ritter Fruhling
and how Benjamin Britten's Five Flower songs
made their way to the repertoire is still unthinkable for me
hahaha. indeed they sound nice, it was just me who
was not into his five particular songs.
they still sound weird to my ears.
my faves: Ritter Fruhling and Herbstlied.
I stupidly lost the partita (perhaps I gave it to Ray)

besides Ritter Fruhling, this song i
sang all day there (Herbstlied by Felix Mendelssohn)

Holder Lenz, du bist dahin!
Nirgends, nirgends darfst du bleiben!
Wo ich sah dein frohes Blühn,
Braust des Herbstes banges Treiben.
Wie der Wind so traurig fuhr
Durch [den Strauch], als ob er weine;
Sterbeseufzer der Natur
Schauern durch die welken Haine.
Wieder ist, wie bald! wie bald!
Mir ein Jahr dahingeschwunden.
Fragend rauscht es aus dem Wald:
"Hat dein Herz sein Glück gefunden?"
Waldesrauschen, wunderbar
Hast du mir das Herz getroffen!
Treulich bringt ein jedes Jahr
[Welkes Laub und welkes] Hoffen.
neues Laub wie neues Hoffen

I asked a friend to translate it, and back then James gave
the best pronunciation in the world.
I love the last verse:

Forest noise, wonderful
How you have taken my heart!
new leaves like new hope

my heart bows to melancholic tunes with
hopeful lines hahahaa

это то, что я благодарен за

это то, что я благодарен за:
два черных птиц, летевший
лиса ходить в середине трав
два кролики вблизи взлетно-посадочной полосы
и золотой восход
первая посадка во Франкфурте

and I only remember it this morning!

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Into the Blue: The Story of Sasha, Donita & Chris

Taking chances

in the beginning


Choosing: what life is all about

13: the lucky number

Chris, Sasha, Donita: beachwise

Sasha, beachward . . .

Sasha, Chris

Lose direction

In surity


Need courage: Donita






the real world: Java Sea

From our trip to Pulau Pramuka, August 2, 2008
all photos by Fi.