Senin, 26 April 2010

Roaaaar!! When Dinosaur Rules the Amusement Park

plant eating dino at Taman Kyai Langgeng, Magelang, (Paskhoi 2010 s Ade)

Red Hue

tree, seaside, Tulamben

His Eye Is on the Emprit Haji

(v Renon Ploshad, courtesy of Rosa Widiyarini)

Been long since the last time I saw emprit haji (white headed finches). like them

What's the Story?

Morning glories; v Tulambene

Oh Deer!

Menjangan Island is all about curiosity. Last February, friends and I failed to reached the island and it was about time that finally buddies and I made it to its walls (spending only like 5 minutes on the dry land!)

Despite the name (menjangan is deer), I only saw one female. but it's OK. wondered how they arrived there. DM Wayan said, menjangans come to and fro mainland Bali and to the solitary island for they are avid swimmer. they cross the 1 km strait to find food and mates. how cool is that!

(left: Bali Island, right: Menjangan Island; courtesy of Ricka Ristianti)

The island itself looks like a solid gigantic coral and the vegetation thrives on that solid, white rock. cool!

(think i see the ladder up to the temple; courtsey of Ricka Ristianti)

(that wondrous rocky edge of the island; courtesy of Triadi Sena)

That Alfred Russell Wallace Moment

Everyone is a scientist in their own right. And when we saw this exotic insect in Tulamben, we admired and immortalized it (not with some chemicals and pin for sure). Just felt that we felt the eureka-moment-of-joy Mr. Wallace had had felt!

(from left: courtesy of Rosa Widiyarini, moi, Ricka Ristianti)

Kamis, 08 April 2010

Roaring finch

this is funny. from the very moment i opened the photo i sensed something wrong and it took a scroll down to the gotcha moment: April Mop!

science can be fun