Kamis, 14 Februari 2008

March of the Turtles

Bidding farewell to Nelly

This is rainy season and I miss Pulau Pramuka (PP). the last time i went there was sunny and warm. My friends and I had a vey good time there: swimming, boating, eating, basking, singing.

Like many other islands in the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu), PP's beach have been heavily transgressed by the sea water, leaving only about 500 m long unwalled, white sand beach on its 'back' side of the island. I think the island is about half the size of Ragunan Zoo.

And the most exciting part is the turtle farewell party. the island houses the best turtle sanctuary in Jakarta. Pak Saleh, the keeper, has been collecting turtle eggs around the islands for more than 2 decades. For his initiative and vision, he has been given various awards.

he led me to its garden that also serves as mangrove nursery. The sprouts are kept until they're 3 months old before transfered to the beach. Nearby, i saw a caged heaps of sand, the site of eggs hatching. Each mound was labeled and dated. Then i entered a building with many a blue container in which the turtles live.

my! i saw many hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) there. So amazing! they're cute! These reptiles swam here and there and they looked like angels when seen from above (their front feet would rest on the scaly back that they resembled shoulders). you should see it yourself. really.

When my friends later joined, Pak Slamet said we could release the three month old tukik (hatchlings) to the sea. he arranged them on the beach seawise. in seconds, they turned the direction instinctively and marched into the sea, to the calling of Mother Nature. so beautiful and moving.

i wanna go back there, soon as the rainy season ends.


Rabu, 13 Februari 2008

Nessie! (Water Horse)

Angus and Crusoe

Okay, the existence of this dinosaurlike animal is still widely debated and to avoid sparking a new debate, I add a new label "Uncategorized". but you must watch this movie, The Water Horse. It is spectacular, a real eye candy. A visual feast. the computer does big magic and the music is as grand as the scenery.

I have long been fascinated by the Loch Ness monster which the movie is all about. I read about this animal in World Book Encyclopedia back in my school days and had just known that the BW photo was actually a hoax--successful for decades. But that didn't extinguish my curiosity, say (well I still hope to hear better explanation of dinosaur extinction other than Darwinian explanations or big bang theory).

Back to the movie. in the beginning, little shy Angus is doing shell collecting at the rocky beach of Loch Ness. Sea shells picking. (I read that once the lake was connected to the sea, from where the shells were) he picks a big round rugby ball sized object and brings it home.

Angus does some scratching on the heavily barnacled egg and sees a slimy covering inside. then it hatches itself . . .

Crusoe, the reptile that grows enormously fast overnight, befriends the lonely boy who was patiently counting the days for his pa's returning from WW II. At the same time, The Brit troops occupy his farm land to build a trap for German submarines.

When Crusoe outgrows the bath tub, Angus, his sister and the handyman decide to move Crusoe into the lake. And the reptile roams freely for the first time.

but then, Crusoe feels lonely too...

I wish to continue this story, but I'm afraid you might lose the excitement of watching it. I recommend you to watch it with friends and family. Believe me, this is very heartwarming.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep opens nationwide mid February 2008.


Jumat, 08 Februari 2008

Cinta & Rangga (My Furry friends)

You know it's hard to photograph animals, especially dogs. when they see the infrared light or the movement of the diaphragm, they will turn away, agitated. You need much patience--or bribe in form of dog food--for candid shots.

i don't know whose dogs they are, but they often pay me a visit, for a pat in the head or some snacks.

I tried to snap them candidly. one particular shot above produced resemblance to AADC. I din notice that until Becki said, Sem, this is AADC!

these furry friends have no official names. call them whatever you please, and they will rise their flag tails. so from now on i pronounce them Rangga and Cinta (the terrier at right).

one thing that disturb me is that Cinta often mounts on Rangga. the problem is that they're both males! oh my! is that because they can't find any females around? the abominable scene often doesn't last long as Rangga is twice taller than the terrier. weird eh?

by the way, don't get me wrong. AADC was my favorite movie back in my ABG (adolesence) days. so this serves as a tribute :)


Senin, 04 Februari 2008

Acrylic Love

first time, acrylic on canvas


Robust Red

early morning bloom, front garden



look at this fascinating insect. after heavy rain, we'd fill buckets with water and put them under the lamps. that's how we collected laron (termites) to be...eaten! yea! some like it fried, some like it in omelette. i no longer eat it.

this adult termite along with two other friends visited my room last night and flew around. after several maneuvres, they shed their wings, i don't know why. hours later i found them died (i didnt spray or step on them). but i appreciate their visit, they remind me of the days when i was little. good ones.


Jumat, 01 Februari 2008

Pelican Brief

We can dance!
Pelicans perfom well choreographed dance at Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta




A duckling goes swimming with mother
These Australian black swan share the big pool and open cage at Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta