Selasa, 14 April 2009

I See Something Fishy!

One morning wakeup at Pulau Peucang to wait for dolphin show. Instead I've got a barracuda show. it was great!

Sabtu, 04 April 2009

Pretty in Pink

Drooping flowers in pink
looking inviting
yet for a bee like me
i know they bear
no single drop of nectar

they're pink! pink!
and the whole meadow summoned
to the foot of the mountain
that early morning
when pines only served as screen

fuchsia a mantid friend said
to the sniffing felis
but to me i recognised no such name
it's a color too said him

the entire congregation
decided to make a notion
that the owl should speak
a word of wisdom

ask the ash crow
for it will show
it always says i not know
anything that it does more

i was about to open my beak
but then i remembered this
an empty stomach is far more important
to fill than to negate this
and end as the breakfast
of the sniffing felis