Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

what's up DOC?

this morn i remembered some story that warms my heart and reduced my headache:

Papi and I went to Malang. he routed the streets to fetch some black dyes/tints (for printing the Api Menyala magazine perhaps) and then I remember we went to Chinatown.
there i saw a room full of very big and tall aluminum tubes. I was amazed by the sound inside: small chickens chirping. they were day old chicks! yello, fluffy chirping things!

next: story about Pak Hadi, Cik Milka, the fastest growing chickens i ever saw, and Sharon

Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

First Song of Magicicadas

Zzrrrrt zrrrrt zrrrrt zzzzrrrrrrt
Zzzzrrrt zrrrt rrrt rrrrt

I am in your village
to be exact beyond it
I am about to cross there

I lift up my eyes to the sky
and level them to the thatched roof
among sugar cane leaves
beyond this green revine
there where happy i've always been

and I can feel my heart's at ease
for there I know you are for me awaitin'

the ravine is wide and deep
i am walking in the path
where all have walked before
so too have the cattle, ducks and buffalos

the beige and slender sticks of bamboos
dance in a stange movement

the music is even more strange
to my ears for i am a lowland man

it goes zzrrt zrrrt zrrrt zrrrt
like millions of schoolmates putting their index finger
in front of their mouths and they pout
and hiss: sssst ssst ssst

it tickles my ears
it's the first song of the monsoon

Jumat, 15 Januari 2010


This is a story of young mosquito, YM
call him Young
or like his enemy do, call him M

M is relaxing on the stick of a broom
in front of my room

The floor I look at
feel I need to sweep it
dirty it is, that's why

not aware of the presence M
I take the broom
to the bones, it startles M

as you can see
petit, almost black he is
him I can hardly notice

he flies, above the floor, 70 cm
now I am aware of him

He flaps lacey, untrained wings
he's doing maneuvres
in short flight
and returns, landing on the stick upright

as you can see
that's Y!
he's doing mimicry
that's why
him I can hadly see

Petit, almost black he is
his lacelike wings make me smile
for they're tiny, fragile

I decide to hit M
then hum the Requiem

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010


just want to say, I admire its flower. Last November I happened to see it for the first time in life. Beautiful! photo courtesy of Enti Nuridah

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010


i enjoyed the movie and really thrilled to see the creatures there in Pandora.
beautiful renderings!

think they're all hybrids of what we have today: a wolf with monkey feet, a spirit with jellyfish body and dandelion parachute, a humanlike creature with wild cat face and frog skin.
beautiful in their own ways.

the music, i notice the music, it sounds much like that of Ennio Morricone's The Mission