Rabu, 13 Februari 2008

Nessie! (Water Horse)

Angus and Crusoe

Okay, the existence of this dinosaurlike animal is still widely debated and to avoid sparking a new debate, I add a new label "Uncategorized". but you must watch this movie, The Water Horse. It is spectacular, a real eye candy. A visual feast. the computer does big magic and the music is as grand as the scenery.

I have long been fascinated by the Loch Ness monster which the movie is all about. I read about this animal in World Book Encyclopedia back in my school days and had just known that the BW photo was actually a hoax--successful for decades. But that didn't extinguish my curiosity, say (well I still hope to hear better explanation of dinosaur extinction other than Darwinian explanations or big bang theory).

Back to the movie. in the beginning, little shy Angus is doing shell collecting at the rocky beach of Loch Ness. Sea shells picking. (I read that once the lake was connected to the sea, from where the shells were) he picks a big round rugby ball sized object and brings it home.

Angus does some scratching on the heavily barnacled egg and sees a slimy covering inside. then it hatches itself . . .

Crusoe, the reptile that grows enormously fast overnight, befriends the lonely boy who was patiently counting the days for his pa's returning from WW II. At the same time, The Brit troops occupy his farm land to build a trap for German submarines.

When Crusoe outgrows the bath tub, Angus, his sister and the handyman decide to move Crusoe into the lake. And the reptile roams freely for the first time.

but then, Crusoe feels lonely too...

I wish to continue this story, but I'm afraid you might lose the excitement of watching it. I recommend you to watch it with friends and family. Believe me, this is very heartwarming.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep opens nationwide mid February 2008.


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