Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

Smells Strong: Frangipani

I admire frangipanis but they'll be in the bottom of my favorite flowers list. I always put edible plants first if I must choose plants for my garden :)
Frangipanis are indeed curious sappy plants. but I've never had no problems with them. When I was small, I used to climb to get the freshest smell of its waxy flowers. one tree on the left bloomed maroon bouquets while another did white. They were about 4 m tall, tall and graceful in front of my church.

People often say that they grow themselves on cemeteries, where they are commonly found. I din and don't buy that. perhaps people plant them because it requires the littlest care. Rain or shine, just let them there.

They are also notorious for its smell. I ever sniffed the aromatherapy that claims to be its essential oil which I regret. One writer even described the smell as whorish. But i disagree. They smell best when fresh. It is like a mixture of tuberose and a tint of jasmine.

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