Jumat, 08 Februari 2008

Cinta & Rangga (My Furry friends)

You know it's hard to photograph animals, especially dogs. when they see the infrared light or the movement of the diaphragm, they will turn away, agitated. You need much patience--or bribe in form of dog food--for candid shots.

i don't know whose dogs they are, but they often pay me a visit, for a pat in the head or some snacks.

I tried to snap them candidly. one particular shot above produced resemblance to AADC. I din notice that until Becki said, Sem, this is AADC!

these furry friends have no official names. call them whatever you please, and they will rise their flag tails. so from now on i pronounce them Rangga and Cinta (the terrier at right).

one thing that disturb me is that Cinta often mounts on Rangga. the problem is that they're both males! oh my! is that because they can't find any females around? the abominable scene often doesn't last long as Rangga is twice taller than the terrier. weird eh?

by the way, don't get me wrong. AADC was my favorite movie back in my ABG (adolesence) days. so this serves as a tribute :)


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