Senin, 24 Maret 2008

Spiny Delicacy

i went for an afternoon walk at sandy beach of Nusa Dua. the air was dry and it smelt like salt. i saw many a little pool in where fishes, kelps, and small crabs trapped. and i saw old ladies gathering something. I approached one of them.

next to her on the yellow sand were ball-like sea creatures cut to half. i asked her, what it was. she said a strange name i couldn't remember. she would take one, cut it into half with blunt knife, and take whitish "meat" into plastic bottle.

she threw the halved balls into a shallow pool. the halves would wriggle and move their spines for some minutes. i thought they could regenerate or grow its lost "limb". but that never happened.

what for?

dinner, she said.


she said, she needed about 100 spiny balls (the creatures belong to Echinodermata, the same family in which bulu babi is) to fill half of 600 ml plastic bottle.

that's a lot, i said. how does it taste?

like fish. only with stronger smell.

how do you prepare it?

it tastes best when mixed with grated coconut and chilli, she said.

(curious, eh?)


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