Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

Eye(let)s Wide Open

in full display: peacock at Ragunan Zoo

Everytime I see peacocks, I remember biblical comics I used to read in elementary school. Solomon owned many and they were seen in Eden and Noah's ark. Also, it reminds me of Bill Burrud's serial with the iconic soundtrack. Whoaa I love that man's work! Whales spraying on my BW TV. Phenomenal.

Of course the Javan species is more common than the albino and Indian species. I like the latter. It has blueish gemlike neck feathers and looks more attractive. I learnt that the best way to make them open their fans (peacocks only, peahens are less glamorous), exposing their many an eyelet, is to rouse their temper--it works best with male turkeys. But I won't risk my life if there are no metal wires that separate me and the fowls :)

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