Senin, 15 September 2008


Salute to the duo. These inhabitants of Turtle Island are smart birds. Curious and alert, they examined Fajar's cam and mine. (other visitors seemed to ignore them. their cage was the least visited. perhaps people still think they are bad omens). I was sorry i bring nothing to offer them.

they looked like bored. I remember, back home, crows were common especially in the afternoon when they cawed overhead. Mami said, they were about to return home.

Whenever I went back from school i loved to take the river route. There, a family kept a crow as pet, banding his right foot the way people did parrots. (according to Susan, it's illegal to keep them as pets in Colorado) it was black, big, and noisy. but somehow it looked attractive. his head would move here and there, as if examining me. of course i kept a good distance. One bite from Yacob was enough :) I thought, he must be lonely. what if he heard his friends cawing in the sky? did it respond?

I've never seen a single crow in Jakarta but i saw many of them, a flock (or "murder" said Susan) of about ten, inhabited Pulau Pramuka, some 40 miles away from mainland Java. Do they fish or scavenge? I don't know. But I remember they're numerous as sparrows in coastal Malacca. I wonder if they do fish like gulls do.

anyway the duo din caw us. somehow I felt welcomed :)

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