Senin, 01 Desember 2008

Garden Bliss

Sara's uncle has a very vast garden. Full of trees and ornamental plants. very green. I was glad to observe and Linda almost felt like home i guess. "You must take pics of me with the trees!" In that means she wanted to climb up the trees.

First she tried the kelengkeng tree (of lychee family) to no avail. She moved to the next. This nutmeg tree was in the state of producing the best ripe crops. I was glad to sniff some. it smells so good and reminds me of chicken soup or magical mung bean soup or the more magical cassava-cum-mung bean soup made at LBTC. Not to mention brenebon. my mouth salivates...

Linda also tried another kelengkeng tree. her act made people laughed like crazy. and she's good at it. i got inspired and tried to climbed the guava tree by the pond. i havent climbed like in ages, so i was very excited. but being 2 m above the ground was challenging. that being said, i prefer to be on terra firma :)

Later i made acquaintance with some bromeliads and orchids. I love that morning

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