Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Let's Eat some Lions!

Once I resumed my snorkeling when i saw a lionfish in the size of a volleyball in Kiluan Bay, Lampung. I was afraid of the spines. Such terrible beauty. I am just glad that after that, each encounter didn't make me freaked out. my fear of it has turned into respect, I guess, for I admire them.

now having read an article in The Jakata post suggesting that--terrible as it may look--this fish is edible, i am ever curious. The scientists in Florida urge people to consume them. the spiny fish was once an accidentally introduced species circa 1992. now they've become pests, preying on other sea species.

To prepare the fish, all i need to do is to disarm the spines--just like when harvesting sea urchins aka bulu babi.

hmmm wonder what this candy-colored fish tastes like :)

(photo: thedivingdugongers)

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