Kamis, 02 September 2010

In the garden, not alone

Pi is the only one in the world I know to have green thumbs. Everything he touches turns green. Here in Pontianak he works the garden at his best: mung beans, cucumbers, string beans, ulam raja (english name of kenikir aka Cosmos caudatus), and so on. He even tends more kinds of hibiscus: roselle grows at their best, producing crimson fruit pods and striking red stalks contrasting to the green background. Pi grows cotton too! Love the yellow flowers.

Pi introduces taro to me. He dug some tubers, peeled and fried some. Tasty it might be yet it burnt my throat! Should’ve marinated them in the brine! Lol

Mi tends her small garden too! She has cincau plant, liang teh plants, some sour leaves with tiny blooms, and some strange plants whose leaves she uses to flavor fish cookings.

I guess they have patience of a farmer :)

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