Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Swimming with Squids!

Last May I had the opportunity to snorkel near Semak Daun Island. Why the boatmen suggested us to dip 100 m off the island was a question left unasked. No problem. The minute I saw orange color in the water, I knew I had to jump.

The Nature Detectives (high school students with an environmental mission) had populated the water. So I chose to swim away. Christmas tree worms, grapelike seaweed, usual fishes, and dense coral formations amazed me. But in like 20 minutes, I grew tired. The fins, I guessed, caused the exhaustion. So I drifted.

Then this sight amused me: a family of squid was swimming 5 meter off me. They swam in school, forming a long dartlike school. The biggest of size at front and the smallest ones at back. “Cumi!” I said to Cuplizz, pointing my hand below.
As they swam, they changed colors. Silvery, black, silvery, to black. Lovely. I ducked and approached them. They moved away slowly, as if enticing me to go deeper. We watched each other for minutes until the Nature Detectives called me to go back to the boat.

It was a nice encounter. I had tears in my eyes. The seawater had leaked into my mask and then into my eyes.

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