Senin, 16 Juni 2008

The Right Hermitage

Hermit crabs (locally known as keong, umang, or kelomang) have long been hunted for pets. Usually people sell them out at elementary school gates to ever curious children. I kinda disagree with this practice especially knowing that they usually die when kept at cages without seawater or fresh seawater fish. Perhaps they die because they overgrown their "houses" (shells).

Well, it's getting hard to find living hermit crabs at the beaches I visit. But a recent discovery made me promise I won't collect any shell where they are abundant.

i was surprise when finding ones at a remote beach of Pulau Pramuka. They're here and there, roaming.

Sadly, they inhabit long neglected homes (shells with holes or broken "walls")

Based on my experience of renting room, it is hard to find the most suitable one. so I asked my friends to scatter the gathered shells for them because when they overgrow their homes, they need to find new ones and inhabit it fast otherwise they will fall victim to the heat (their abdomen is very soft), fishes, or other creatures.

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