Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Sniff Sniff

I love the smell of:
essential oil in orange peel
Biasa store
Apple shampoo
Kefir lime
Lemon grass
Fresh cut grass sprinkled with heavy rain drops
Fresh from the oven breads
Arabica coffee powder
Freshly crushed mint leaves
Gas station
Synthetic melon essence
Basil, especially basil leaves with sambal Unyil’s Mom prepared to us eat
with that mysterious white-meated fish
Sambal Mami made for us to eat that golden brown scaly smoked fish
Crushed young guava shoots
Kuah bakso, so spicy esp that with clove and lots of pepper powder
Fried capsicum (after the sneeze inducing phase)
Fried garlic
And lots more

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