Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

triumphant yet troubled

lit by expectation and the soft eastern wind
so high the feeling was, like creeping rose vine
trying to reach the poles that train it
or like a caterpillar, trying to find wisdom
in the pages of the leaves

he knows his destiny is written on the leaves

his stomach gets full yet the leaves are still
abundant, if you will

like the insect that clings to the single vine
so my heart knows you're there
ever touchable
sometimes think that's unfair

but i conquer the urge to find wisdom
in your habitat, your kingdom
let alone your closet of fashion

he don't own the vine he's clinging to
like my heart--invisibly--clings to you
but whose heart owns yours?
whose eyes gaze at yours?

my hope for you is ever blooming
my hope for you is ever bloooooming


unlike the caterpillar, i understand the meaning of abundance
i will dance dance and dance around the table
then i will above this garden transcend

the meaning of abundance


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