Senin, 14 Januari 2008

Crown Them with Many a Crown!

Papi and Mami bought them in Magelang. First Putih (right) and then Petuk (left). They had fountainlike plumage on their heads, making them looked cute. Often I had to trim the feathers around their eyes otherwise they had to rely solely upon instinct. They loved finely chopped vegetables and morning sun. Putih was tender female and Petuk was arrogant and insecure rooster. He would walk chestfirst and produce a faint cockadoodledoo. So funny :)

I have just read that they are bred specifically and are difficult to reproduce. Petuk and Putih were specially bred for ornamentation. (Despite good diet, occasionally Putih laid soft shelled eggs). When Papi and Mami left for Pontianak, they were given to our friend, Pak Junaidi.

I prayed that they grow old gracefully.


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