Senin, 14 Januari 2008

Guava Delight

When we were at Lawang, we had a guava tree. Unlike those of Unyil (Heksa) that were soft-skinned and red fleshed, ours was jambu kluthuk that tasted tangy, a bit bitter, hard and had a very slight sweetness. They were best when eaten with a bit salt. And I would not let them ripe on the tree :)

Some time later we had jambu Bangkok (later I learnt that anything that came along with Bangkok, means it is gigantic). This time, the fruits ripened naturally.

But I’m gonna tell you about guava blossoms. They are sweet smelling and very elegant with many a pollen. Look at it. Beautiful and vibrant.

The next time you see a guava tree, please stop and smell the blossom.


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