Kamis, 17 Januari 2008

My Eye Is on the Sparrows

(photo: http://whiteband.deviantart.com)

I sing because I’m happy/I sing because I’m free/For his eye is on the sparrow . . . thus Jessica Simpson sings.

The song reminds me of my very first object: sparrows (Passer domesticus). They perched on Unyil's guava tree every afternoons, chirping and singing. their tune is not the sweetest of all finches, but somehow i love it much. so one evening i grabbed Papi's cam and walked as slowly to the tree since my cam knew nothing about zoom technology.

Sparrows or burung gereja (mentioning its local name brings up the memory of Pak Harry who used to say, "Thanks to Pancasila, burung gereja and emprit haji are now paying each other visits") is ever present everywhere and adapt well with any kind of environments. by the way, emprit haji are cousins to sparrows. they are white headed brown finches that feeds on rice grains.

Apparently they eat anything from scattered nasi, grass, to grains. amazing survival, right? and they seem to show little fear of human.

one of the most exciting thing is to see them bathe in the morning. Put some water in a bowl, place it in the garden. soon they will perch and take some dips. trust me, you'd love the view. And you will hear their most cheerful chirps.


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