Senin, 14 Januari 2008

Pink Jellies

These four transparent pink jellyfish made me wonder: how could they keep small fishes alive in their body. One got two, another three, and the right one had more than five inside their body. ‘Are they pets?’ asked me to myself on the pier of Pramuka Island, Jakarta.

Apparently no. One local fisherman told me that these cute stingless pink jellies would digest them slowly. Terrible.

But the next day I learnt that these jellies were only part of the food chain. Fish is eaten by jelly, jelly by turtle, and so on. I saw a young man harvested them—they were plenty in the morning—and feed them to turtles. It was a quite nice experience, helping him feeding the turtles in sanctuary. The turtles instantly swallowed the slimy and soft breakfast greedily.


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