Kamis, 17 Januari 2008

Tupai: Friends in Need

Tree shrews (tupai) are cute petit rodentlike mammals. They are tree dwellers (arboreal) and always curious. These tupai (Tupaia javanica) are common to Java and Bali and adapts well with urban or suburban areas.

I've heard lots of stories of tupai and human relationships. One that is impressive is Mami's. In Pontianak, she was visited by neglected baby tupai. Mami took care of it well and it gave her best companion. I always laugh everytime she retells the story of the mischievous tupai.

So I was excited to enconter with these naughty duo. they peeked and peeked while maintaining a good runaway distance. half minute later when they observed that i brought no food, they disappeared into thick foliage as if to say, "you've got food, you've got our company" :)


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