Senin, 14 Januari 2008

Locust Pocus

This must be adult locust since its size is about 10 cm long with full stomach.

Back in my backyard at Lawang, Papi sometimes called me to observe it. They are easy catch, but be careful their spiny hind legs can scratch your skin. If I got good catch, Papi would tell me to roast it in hot ashes. I dipped it for about two or three minutes until it turned golden brown. Blown off the ashes, it was ready to be . . . eaten! “Even John the Baptist ate it, Son,” said Papi. Yes, they’re tasty. Just don’t chew the head and legs. At first I squirmed. Bizarre food, eh?
Locusts are considered pests by farmers and gardeners alike. So, it was good to turn them into delicacy :)


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