Senin, 14 Januari 2008

Purwaceng! (The Notorious Drink)

“…near that bus stop, you can walk to the left and find a warung. Try purwaceng, our local drink,” said Pak Hengki who works for Wonosobo Tourism Board. The book says, ethymologically it is a combination of Javanese purwa (start) and ceng (stand).

I pronounced it with [e] on ‘mess’. Erika prefered [e] on ‘term’. Erika’s version certainly brings in mind a certain biological activity, if you know what I mean. It turned out that her version rhymes with the local pronunciation.

Purwaceng (from Pimpinella family, cousins to hogweed and anise) is said to grow only on that region and is a valuable crop along with potatoes and cauliflowers.

It is said to be able to boost virility and vitality (so the main target market is without doubt adult men).

People wrote that your journey on Dieng Plateau, Central Java, would not be complete without drinking it, so Fajar, Erika and I decided to give it a try. The ground plant was served with coffee and sugar that we din know the exact taste of the plant.

After that, we walked for one hour to the hostel and had dinner. All we felt was nothing but fatique. We fell asleep right away. The caffeine din work, neither did the purwaceng.

With so many plants claimed to boost this, promote that, or benefits that, I can only say, drink responsibly :)


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